Melt is the new project by Ben Coleman from Newcastle, Australia. After djing for many years and starting the project Serotone, he draws on new influences and has an inspiration to write something fresh for dancefloors. Expect nothing less than big deep bass, twisted quirky sounds and psychedelic atmospheres. A full set will leave your brain melting and wanting more

var!ant is the sonic incarnation of the Humalien known as YoBi, who crash landed his spacecraft in Australia's Red Centre towards the end of 2011. var!ant purveys a sinister, yet fun sound that ranges from techy psy-prog hybrids to chunkly psygressive that hovers between 125 - 138bpm. var!ant aims to push music that keeps dancefloors vibrating while maintaining a psychedelic edge for fans of head music. var!ants sets stomp along with beefed up groovy basslines, techy percussion and quirky, chaotic synths and samples laced with humor as well as a healthy amount of darkness. var!ant is sure to put dust between your toes and a grin on ya face.

Reflection is the multi genred production project of 24 year old music teacher Gibb Tartaris; with a range of influences including full-on psy, prog, jazz, dark psy, metal and funk stemming from a decade of writing and recording music, Reflection is a live set to be seen. With only a year of producing Gibb aims to take his music to the next level.

His complex arrangement of prog and full-on psytrance elements take psy to tasty new heights. Mixing driving basslines, epic guitar riffs and insane polyrythmic drum tracks, Gibbanez creates his own unique sound with tunes ranging from deep and contemplative to in your face party time boss-hog beats



Gaz Mask

Krisyon is passionate about music that can provide the stimulus for thought and inspiration, animating forces of unusual beauty that are simply irresistible.

Enter the darkest realms of the strange and surreal as Krisyon guides you on your journey.

Tekxture is the psygressive side project of Alby Loosefingers based in Melbourne, Australia. With a more night time/twilight twist, his music now takes you on a different journey into the far reaches of your conciousness. Tekxture's sound evokes clarity of mind with his deep driving basslines, wide open soundscapes and emotive percussive sampling. Striving to create his own ninja niche in progressive psychedelic trance, Tekxture will surely take you on a ride to where ever your mind will take you.

The Greys

Felipo Justo is the Brazilian producer behind the project Gaz Mask of progressive. Born in Linhares, Espirito Santo, and lives in Campinas, São Paulo - Brazil. Gaz Mask has as its main characteristic a fat bassline, acid elements,acid voices... Influences: Grouch, Hypogeo, Onionbrain, Minimal Criminimal, Zeamoon, and others.



After years of creating, releasing, and playing psytrance all over the world, two well-known projects Rawar (Helder Amaral) and Agressive Mood (Philip Martins) have joined forces to bring you a new project: The Greys. Main goal of this new initiative is to provide a deep, atmospheric and hypnotic sound in the most minimal, psychedelic and progressive form possible.
Check out their debut album "The Mission" on Glitchy.Tonic.Records


Shikimol is from the sunny city of Townsville NQ. He heard and connected with the music of Richie Hawtin, Drop Bass Network and Communique Records-pioneer of minimal acid and techno. Their dynamic and challenging aesthetic had an impact. Shortly after Shikimol became determined to make his own music and started collecting gear and records. As a result his idiosyncratic sound lies somewhere between dark progressive psy and dark minimal psy, a precarious balancing act that manages to infuse stripped down, finked up psy with a distinct sense of purpose.

Born on a distant planet in a parallel universe, psydewise aka sam wise ganjee transcends the barriers of time and space with blistering frequencys that will take your mind, soul and body to new dimensions...


Gloworm and OpenSlot started hitting the decks as a duo early 2012 mixing psygressive and Zenonesque. seen as a new and upcoming sub genre in psytrance. unknown to many ears in South Africa, it will surely create a fresh breath of air on the dancefloor. Epic basslines and full psychedelic effects will confukulate ear holes and leave u wanting to hear just what comes next, whether on the dance floor or standing on the sidelines

Johnny Kintz

The Vimanna Project was created in 2013 in order to create a unique style and provide innovative energy on the dance floor. With a mixture of progressive melodic trance and progressive dark, the project consists of productions of the highest quality that blends beautiful melodies and strong basslines, coming to an innovative Progressive Psytrance, that brings to the public completely emotional sensations, and even the atmosphere creates an incomparable tension.

With this innovative style, Vimanna has stood out wherever he goes, and in a short time already has support from several big names. Listen carefully and discover the difference in a sound produced by soul of producer!


Johnny Kintz is a dj/producer project based in Greece. His passion for electronic music has grown since the late 90's when he started playing as a dj and organising underground parties with great feedback. Influenced from many artists worldwide and after listening to and djing these years he began to experement in the production, focusing on psy/prog/tech directions. His style combines deep, dark, tech and intelligent futuristic sounds aiming to draw different reactions from the crowd in every set. Johnny Kintz is looking forward to the near future sharing his love for electonic music.

During a travel in the late nineties, Adn discovered and decided to deepen his electronic music knowledge. In the early twenty-first century, he involves himself more seriously in live music and parties organization by co-founding a collective of musicians. From there follows a long and active period where he played in lots of parties and festivals. 

After researching and exploring various underground sounds, Adn's experiments led him to integrate those sounds palette to achieve a unique style, with heavy kicks, dirty bass embellished with psychedelic sounds and electrical rhythms. A music located at the border of the psytrance, techno and progressive.




Tyler Archer and Rowan Lelean aka Gnosis, are second generation trancers who hail from the Garden Route in South Africa, where they both gained important musical knowledge from the local trance scene and their parents from a very young age. Their music can be described as deep/mechanical/Tech/zenonesque/psygressive and dark prog. They have been producing since 2012 and are now collaborating with other producers.

JUELZ is the minimalistic, progressive project of Julian Schröder, founded in 2013 and based in Berlin.
For his special rhythms JUELZ is connecting the sound of modern Dark Prog with the attitude of Oldschool Progressive Trance like it was played in the early 2000´s. These two elements combined create a funky, groove-orientated sound, you will love to move your hips to.



   Vicious Cactus

Vicious Cactus is born by the meeting of Progressive and Psygressive music. Vincent worked for three years with the "NAMEK" psytrance association which runs since 2012 and is situated in France (north-east, Lorraine). Then in 2015 Vincent joined the "Insonitus Records" label which is based in England. Mixing differents kinds of music, Vincent isn't just creating sounds. Above all, he offers you to enter in a psychedelic and organic universe. You will dance on heavy groovy rythms, you will hear mental and psychic sonorities, and you will enjoy the pre-techno unrivalled roots.